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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for the attendees of the Swing Break 2024.


The general terms and conditions for the attendees of the SWING BREAK 2024, organized by Association SWING BREAK essential and binding part of the contract-registration between Association SWING BREAK (Društvo Swing Break, Ravbarjeva 3, 1000 Ljubljana) and the individual who registered to the SWING BREAK. Without your acceptance of the general terms and conditions stated in this document , your participation at the event is not possible.


By registering to SWING BREAK 2024 each individual is expected to pay the adequate fee within the deadline (5 working days). In case the registration fee has not been paid before the festival, the attendee must pay the fee at the time of the festival before the start of the workshops according to the pricelist valid on that day. The attendee is responsible for all bank transfer costs.

It is possible that you cannot attend the event and you have to cancel. Grounds for cancellation?

  • Generally, you can cancel anytime. You can express your wish through e-mail.
  • In case we accept your registration, you have to pay within a 5 working days. If we do not receive your payment in time your registration will be canceled.
  • We can cancel your registration any time if your partner cancels.
  • We can cancel your registration any time if you express your cancellation wish in any written form.
  • We can cancel your registration any time if we believe that your registration information is false and you cannot provide us evidence to the contrary (like stating you are a leader whilst being a follower).
  • If you cannot attend the event it counts as a cancellation, no matter what is the reason. So a canceled flight, an injury, an illness, a sudden working weekend or anything else counts as a cancellation and the cancellation rules are applied.
  • If you change your registration to a smaller package, we can apply the cancellation policy on the difference.

What happens when my registration is canceled?

  • If you cancel your participation we cannot give back money. However, if you cancel before the 8th of March, we are happy to move your payment minus 20 euros to next year, where you can use it again.
  • If you cancel, we might cancel your partner’s registration to keep the balance of the classes and balls. We apply the same cancellation policy in their cases.
  • We cannot change these rules because of illness, canceled flight or any other reason.

Is there any financial insurance?

  • We cannot provide such service.
  • An insurance company might be able providing you such service.

You can sell your pass but notice, that the price and payment method for giving your pass to someone else is something between you two. The person who will take your place must be at the same pass, role and level as you have registered. 


Association SWING BREAK has all  rights to change the time, location and price of the workshops and of evening dances. Organizers have right to change number of dance levels if there is less than 30 registrated participants registered for certain level.

As flights can be cancelled, or can be delayed, teachers can miss their flight. Also a teacher might get ill. So we cannot guarantee that all announced teachers will be present. It means that your class schedule might be changed, or you will have different teachers than announced.


You recognise that dancing is a physical activity and can be strenuous and may even cause physical injury, and you are fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. You declare yourself physically healthy and are safely capable of participating in this event and its classes, dances, training, and/or rehearsals. You agree to assume all responsibility for any injuries or damages which you may sustain while taking part in the event, and you knowingly and voluntarily waive any claims against Vintage Swing Festival and its organisers, staff, employees, and independent contractors for any injuries, known or unknown, that you may sustain as a result of participating in the event.

You acknowledge that Vintage swing festival and its organisers, staff, employees, and independent contractors are not responsible for any loss or theft of your belongings.


Where photographs are being taken at an event attended by large crowds within a public area, such as a sports event or a festival, the consent of all the attendees is not necessary. Association SWING BREAK will use photos or videos of the event in which you may appear for promotional purposes (on Facebook pages, on our web sites, flyers, logos) and waive any rights of compensation or ownership.


When you register for Swing Break Camp you provide following information: Name, Surname, Date of Birth, City, Country, Email, Phone number and dancer type (lead or follow). Association SWING BREAK obliges that your personal data will be treated in full accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Any information that we obtain will be used solely for the purposes of organising swing festival events.  Your personal data will not be sold, rented nor transmitted to any entity. You provide your personal information voluntarily for the purposes of processing orders and marketing.  Participants can at any point in time ask to change or delete their personal data by sending their request to Information about the participant will saved for up to 5 years exclusively for the purpose of exercising the contractual relationship rights. In accordance with the second paragraph of Article 158 of ZEKom-1 (Law on Electronic Communications), the participants’ data will also be used to provide information about other events and related products and services provided by Swing Break Association.


By registrating for Swing Break the attendee is bound to behave in accordance with the general rules of conduct and with the existing Slovenian laws – all while respecting the house rules. In case of misdemeanor you will be in the jurisdiction of the police station Umag, Croatia or the Ljubljana Court of Justice.


Ljubljana Court of Justice is competent for all disputes between the clients according to Slovenian law.


By signing and paying for Swing Break 2024 you state state that you read and fully agree with the content of this document and will obey all the rules and regulations.

Ljubljana, February 2024