Place for a Lindy Hopper to be.


  • What: Lindy Hop Camp called SWING BREAK
  • Where: Croatia, City of Umag
  • When: 9th to 13th of MAY 2024 (you can also choose any other shorter combination)
  • Who: Organizer is Slovenian Swing dance society SWING BREAK part of VINTAGE SWING family.
  • Why: Because we love to Lindy Hop, we love to mingle and we love the Adriatic coast.

Swing Break is kind of a spring break, BUT for SWING dancers only. Fun at the Adriatic sea with friends and a lot of Lindy Hop.

We aspire to create our special Lindy Hop time-bubbles on all our events, where all the nice and warm non-written rules of Lindy Hop community apply. This is one of such events. If you are a Lindy Hopper, baby, this is just for you.

Swing Break, 8th edition. Place: City of UMAG – Croatia (tourist village Katoro).

Festivals are great! We all agree on that, but sometimes it happens, that with all the action and excitement you don’t have much time to relax or to joke around with your friends. SWING BREAK is planed so, that everybody has some free time to enjoy surroundings, (pine woods, sandy and rocky coast, salty smell of the sea…) get to know other people, party around the bungalows, take part in daily animations, take on some sports or just stare at the blue Adriatic sea from the shore…

The (first) plan is:

  • to have fun
  • to meet new friends
  • to dance Lindy Hop
  • to party hard and dance the night away
  • to enjoy Adriatic coast climate and scent of sea mixed with sent of pines that grow around bungalows
  • to learn from great international instructors
  • to try at least one sea dish
  • to take part in the “treasure hunt”
  • to sing with the guitar on the beach in the moonlight
  • to try at least one cocktail
  • to test the pool
  • to smile a lot
  • never to forget your first Swing Break

All that you need is one tea spoon of determination to REGISTER. It is only one piece that is missing in that interesting new story… and that is YOU 🙂

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